Electroretinography Related Diseases & Conditions

Medical tests and procedures are used to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments related to the topic of Electroretinography that may be used to diagnose or monitor the status of the diseases and conditions listed below.

  • Retinal Detachment Retinal detachment is the separation of the retina from its attachments to the underlying eye tissue. Symptoms of retinal...learn more »
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    Retinal Detachment Article
    • Retinal detachment facts
    • What is the retina?
    • What is a retinal detachment?
    • What are retinal detachment symptoms and signs?
    • What are retinal detachment causes and risk factors?
    • Which diseases of the eyes predispose to the development of a retinal detachment?
    • How does cataract surgery lead to a retinal detachment?
    • What other factors are associated with a retinal detachment?
    • Why is it mandatory to treat a retinal detachment?
    • What types of doctors treat retinal detachment?
    • What is the treatment for retinal detachment?
    • What are complications of surgery for a retinal detachment, and what is recovery like after retinal detachment surgery?
    • What are the results of surgery for a retinal detachment?
  • Usher Syndrome There are three types of Usher (Usher's) syndrome, the most common condition that affects both vision and hearing. The major...learn more »
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    Usher Syndrome Article
    • What is Usher syndrome?
    • Who is affected by Usher syndrome?
    • What causes Usher syndrome?
    • What are the characteristics of the three types of Usher syndrome?
    • How is Usher syndrome diagnosed?
    • Is genetic testing for Usher syndrome available?
    • How is Usher syndrome treated?
    • What research is being conducted on Usher syndrome?
    • What are some of the latest research findings?