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Comment from: fairwinds, (Patient) Published: January 22

My experience with electromyogram is very similar. The shocks administered were very strong and became unbearable, when I stopped the procedure. The operator actually tried to follow my leg around as it flew off of the table, and I was reminded of the reaction to a Taser gun (admittedly as seen in the movies). I puzzled over the experience, thinking that the operator had the setting too high, but these forum entries here show that the shocks although brief can be very severe. Finally, the leaflet given at the booking stage mentions a slight tingling, clearly a big understatement. My doctor when discussing the experience, was of the opinion that the leaflet has to understate the shocks in order to reassure the patients, many of whom would not turn up if they knew the true situation.

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Comment from: Verklempft, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 02

On 10/21/2015 I had just put toddlers down for naps and lay down to nap also while singing. I looked over at the 17 month old which was down/left from my supine position and had severe spinning, nausea, and what I now know was eye twitching. I learned that day from a friend about benign positional vertigo which was resolved with exercises. I called his doctor and was facing a USD 1000 visit, so googled the subject and found several videos with various maneuvers. I was able to trigger the vertigo by lying on back with head hanging and turning to left. Turning to right I have no vertigo or eye twitch. I went ahead and did self Epley on left but failed to stay upright for the day. Today (day after self-treatment) I had a bout of vertigo while feeding kids lunch but cannot cause any spinning with positioning my head as before. I feel much better but kind of hungover, like tired and fuzzy. If symptoms last will absolutely see the dizziness doctor to rule out serious illness.

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Comment from: Lil MIke, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 27

I have had two electromyograms (EMGs) after an accident that ruptured 2 discs. I am so glad for the few that did not have much pain. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. Sticking needle in was bad, moving it around was worse, and add electrical shock, I puked. The VA (Veteran's Affairs) wanted to do one on both legs and both arms, I said no, thank you. My neurologist told me that worse the nerve damage worse the pain! Like now if anything touches my thumb, pointer, and middle finger on left hand, it feels like a needle; just a mild touch like a piece of paper. I have been having this for 6 months now. After cervical fusion of C5/C6/C7 in 1996 the surgeon said that the ones above and below will go next because they are taking the extra stress. I am sure that is what has happened. But anyone that knows the VA can attest to the bureaucratic red tape. I finally had MRI 3 days ago, still no results. Good luck with you all.

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Comment from: no human, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 21

I am allergic to all antibiotics. My mouth swells, I can't breathe, and I get hives and rash. I hope I am the only one out there with this trouble. I am allergic to everything outside. Most food, pets, soap, dust, and over the counter medicines.

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Comment from: Mariya, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 14

I've had yeast and thrush infection since I was 11 years old (I'm 24 now). When I first went to the gynecologist she advised I was apparently young and most probably there were a lot of hormonal issues going on. She gave treatment for my bacterial vaginosis and said my skin was just too sensitive. After I finished my treatment after a month or so I was feeling ok, but in couple of weeks the infections came back. I went to my general physician (GP) this time, she also prescribed me pills, but nothing worked. As a child I was also constantly ill, so I had to take a lot of antibiotics, but nobody told me it will make my yeast and thrush infection worse! Five years ago my problem got even worse, there was no longer that little itch and a bit of burning sensation, it was so painful I couldn't walk! I then went to another professional and he prescribed me 3 month course of pills, which helped me a lot. I started to feel better, however, I was also having another problem; since I had my first period I was having very heavy and painful periods, heavy bleeding, and diarrhea. I went to the GP and he advised me to try and take the pill and that this might sort both of my problems. So, I went on the pill and the first month was actually ok, my period was normal, almost no pain. During the second month my thrush came back! I had a lot of hormonal issues, I had problems sleeping during the years, and that got worse. So, I stopped the pill and just refused to see doctors anymore. For a whole year I was with non-stop yeast and thrush infections, everything was itchy, burning, painful, red and swollen. The amount of disgusting discharge was unbelievable. I was always tired, but blamed the infection, stress and work. Apparently something was wrong with my immune system, so 2 months ago I decided to give it one last chance and went to the GP. She said we needed to check for diabetes or anemia as a lot of women have thrush if they have one of those conditions. I found I was in fact anemic, and I had huge deficit of iron. She prescribed me iron pills for 6 months ad said that this might also help my infection. I've been taking the iron pills for a month now and I have energy! I can run! No headache, no breathing issues, and yeast and thrush infection got better. I only have minor swelling and itching before and after period, but the rest of the time it's fine! Also, the GP prescribed me a very nice cream for the itch, Timodine! You might have a burning sensation the first few minutes, but then it removes the pain and itch. I hope I could help! Good luck!

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