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Comment from: Rosemarie, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 12

The pain to my left elbow is on top of the joint towards the outside, an at times the pain reaches down to my wrist or up to my shoulder. I have been to the physio and she thinks it is tennis elbow. Taking Ibuprofen was successful as a pain reliever, but gave up on that because it badly affected my bowels after 6 days of taking it and if you don't feel the pain you are likely to use the arm too often, and when I do that, the pain the next day seems to be worse. I do so hope after a time it will clear up. I find I can't lift things, sometimes not even a jar of, say, marmalade from a cupboard.

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Published: July 15

I fell really hard while Nordic skiing on a frozen lake last winter and I think hit my elbow first. There hasn't been a lot of pain or discomfort with the elbow, but sometimes I'll roll over on my elbow in bed and get a sharp pain that is right at the tip of the elbow. Sometimes it is sore to the touch, other times, it seems to move slightly. Does this sound like bone chips floating about? I can live with it, but wonder if I should have it checked out.

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Published: July 10

I fell last November and broke my ring finger on my left hand. I then started having classic tennis elbow symptoms on that arm. But then my right arm started hurting and the pain now radiates down the forearm on both arms and the joints hurt and are very tender if I bump them. I have lost my grip and any lifting of the wrist where I pull the back of my hand back is very painful. I have read that kidney problems can cause such pain. I recently had severe flank pain on the right side that lasted about a month. I wasn't sure if it was kidney or back related, but it went away.

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Published: June 27

My elbow pain started with a continual dull ache on the outer side of left elbow. Then a few nights ago, I began to be awakened by burning pain that radiates from the elbow to the shoulder. It is a deep throbbing pain that seems like the bone itself hurts. Using the arm does not cause pain to worsen except grabbing and lifting anything more than a pound with back of the hand facing toward ceiling, "underhand" grasping and lifting does not bother elbow. The pain last night was very severe, and I got out of bed early because I could not sleep. The pain subsided while standing; lying down caused the pain to increase.

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Published: June 25

I have a dull pain that emanates from my left elbow (outside) and follows up and over my forearm when I lift weights (curls) it doesn't hurt but when I lift my forearms up it definitely hurts.

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Published: June 23

I have intense pain to my right elbow (I am right handed), but the pain is on the skin surface. It appears to be nerve related. If the elbow skin touches anything at all, the pain is triggered. The pain is searing and sharp. It is usually triggered when I put my elbow down on anything at all.

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Published: June 19

I had surgery on both elbows. The right one had the nerve moved and repaired a tendon. The left one had the nerve moved, but I am still having pain in that elbow after 12 weeks. It only hurts when I push from the side.

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Published: June 18

Both of my elbows have pain. Especially right elbow. It is hard to say which point of the elbow is troubling. After carrying my kid or bags after shopping or any weight the pain becomes much more. I play saxophone and if I play for even 10 minutes it becomes very difficult (finger movements of right hand) and paining. In other words I'm having this joint trouble for more than a year now.

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Published: June 18

Over 1 1/2 mo ago I extended my arm outright to lift items weighing approx.35-45lbs. I immediately felt pain and continue to feel pain to this day. I have iced it regularly, take aspirin when needed and place it in a sling. It seems to feel better then I twist my arm or bend it with a turn or twist and I'm back to square one. I also noticed that when I use my 2 middle fingers and thumb to lift something the pain is intense. I guess I'll continue to ice and leave in sling for a couple days. The pain is only a 2 but the consistency is the problem.

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