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Published: June 24

After moving to a tropical climate I was stuck with eczema covering 80% of my body. It turned into super eczema and is now semi under control after consistent trips to the doctor. The redness calms down with steroid pills which I take for 2 - 3 days when it flares, I use steroid cream every day on the red areas and twice daily when it flares. Also, I think I single handedly keep QV (like Cetaphil) in business with their great non everything creams. Keri Oil on dry flaky skin, Evening Primrose Oil supplements to try and repair from the inside out, occasional salt water baths, and lots of water seems to do the trick. I know it seems like a lot of work but the daily regiment is much better than the alternative.

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Published: June 18

I had a severe case of eczema that began with a scaly rash around my eyes. A friend told me to try Selsun Blue on it. The Selsun Blue did the trick. About a year or so later, a rash crept up on my chest. It began under my breasts similar to a heat rash, but after a couple of weeks, it made its way up onto my chest. It hardened and became grey and green and scaly, like shiny fish scales. The Selsun Blue followed with a rinse of hydrogen peroxide cured it.

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Published: June 17

I developed mild eczema in my mid twenties. I am also a redhead and have extremely fair skin. After visiting a dermatologist, they provided me with a prescription topical cream and suggested that I use a product called Cetaphil as a replacement for my collection of Bath and Body Works lotions and soaps. The fragrance in these products was irritating to my skin and actually contributed to my flare-ups. While I thought I was moisturizing my skin, I was actually doing more damage. Upon switching to the Cetaphil line (which can be purchased in most stores) and switching to a "free and clear" detergent, I have not had any significant eczema issues. Infrequently, a small patch will appear, but will fade with additional moisturizing.

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Published: June 13

I am a 29yr old who has developed eczema on my palms & side of one foot. I have seen a dermatologist, been allergy tested - to no avail, tried cortisone & another cream clobetasol with out much success, it only really helped for a short period of time, then I think my skin became used to it. I tried a thing called Grenz rays (it's a radiotherapy treatment) which I had a lot of success with but due to my job where I used my hands a lot it has since come back. I am trying a skin rejuvenation treatment next week recommended by a biochemist so I will see if that has any success and report back with findings. I think the most difficult thing for me is trying to work out what is actually causing it.

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Published: June 10

I just found out yesterday that I have eczema on my hands. I thought it was a rash or seed warts because of its appearance. It looks a little like heat blisters but they have black "seeds" in them. They itch like crazy! My dermatologist told me to put Protopic cream on it. I will let you know if the cream works.

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Published: June 05

I have had eczema for around 10 years now, just on my lower legs. I am now 55. I have seen a dermatologist around six times for this, the latest being a month ago when I was told to use zinc impregnated bandages, with a tubi grip bandage on the top - an awkward scenario to go to work with, just have to wear trousers all the time and its very difficult in the morning when taking a shower, as it all has to come off and then be put back on again. However, zinc does seem to work pretty well and am looking forward to wearing shorts on my holiday next week. She also prescribed zinc cream. I hope this helps others, as it's a very annoying condition and can also lead to cellulitis, which I have had twice.

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Published: June 05

My eczema affects mainly my lower legs. It is actually worse in the summer. I am embarrassed to even wear shorts, much less a bathing suit. The itching is worse at night, so I try to cover my legs so I don't scratch in my sleep.

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