Ebola Vaccine: Is It Safe?

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Currently, there is no FDA-approved Ebola vaccine available to individuals; consequently, there is no Ebola vaccine that the FDA or the CDC considers "safe" as of September 2014. However, there is a lot of activity going on related to the development of a safe and effective Ebola vaccine. Consequently, the answer about an available, safe anti-Ebola vaccine may change in the near future.

For background information, readers should know that the Ebola virus is very infectious and is transmitted easily from person to person; it is a deadly viral infection that may kill 60%-90% of humans that it infects. Ebola virus infections damage blood vessels and can cause internal bleeding, shock, and eventually death. Until recently, Ebola viral infections were contained by isolating those few people infected in small settlements in several African countries. However, in 2014, a large outbreak of Ebola infections occurred in several East African countries (Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Guinea) and, to date, over 1,900 people have died from this infection. This is the largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded. Since there is no safe or effective vaccine and no readily available drugs that are effective in treating the disease, there is concern that this outbreak will continue and spread into many other countries.

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