dopamine-injection, Intropin


BRAND NAME(S): Intropin

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USES: This medication is used to treat heart conditions. The medication provides additional pumping strength by stimulating the heart muscle. In some patients it is used for improving kidney blood supply.

HOW TO USE: This drug is given by injection through a vein (larger arm vein is preferred) in an IV solution. The dilution and amount of medication given depend on the condition treated and how much fluid can be safely given. Follow all doctor and pharmacist instructions exactly. If MAO inhibitors (see Drug Interactions) have been used within the past 2-3 weeks, the starting dose of this drug should be no more than one-tenth of the usual dose. The contents of the IV solution should be examined for discoloration or particles before use. Solutions darker than slightly yellow or containing particles should be discarded. The infusion rate of this drug should be slowly reduced before stopping. Other IV solutions may be needed to prevent low blood pressure.

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