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Question:What was your experience with a dog bite?

Comment from: Rocky, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 19

I was bitten by a dog on April 2, 2013. The bite was on my left calf and 4 inches above my ankle bone. The dog came out of nowhere and did not make any sounds indicating he was going to bite. I knew the dog was in the yard, but had no eye contact with him and in no way provoked him. I went to my doctor and received four stitches inside and three outside. There wasn't much skin to stitch. I went back to the doctor a week later and he advised that he may need to scrape the wound because of dead tissue and skin. I went back for a third visit to the doctor and asked if he wanted to stitch the wound. He thought it might not be a good idea. He said the wound needs to heal from the inside out. He is sending me to a wound-care clinic for leg surgery. I talked to the dog's owner and found out the dog had done this before. I'm going to call animal control and have the dog picked up. The owner said he has no problem with that and said he has no problem with dog being put down. He's afraid the dog will bite again and really do some damage, especially to a child.

Comment from: timboy, 75 or over Male Published: April 04

I was trying to knock some food off my King Charles spaniel's ear when it turned and bit my little finger where it joins the hand. The dog has a life of luxury and I cannot believe it bit its owner. All my family wants the dog put to sleep except myself. I went to hospital where the cleaned and dressed the deep wound and had to go back 3 days later for assessment and redressing. I also have to go back for further assessment in 4 days time. I don't think a dog trainer would help. I would suggest anybody with a dog bite to attend a hospital asap.

Comment from: Robininsky, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 20

I was standing talking to a neighbor when her dog, a Shiba Inu that was standing beside her, jumped up and took a bite out of my hand. I was holding my Pom in my other arm and he was fortunately not hurt. Went to ER and had stitches in both the palm of my hand and the wrist. Hurt like hell. This was over 5 months ago and my wrist and thumb still hurt when I am writing or doing certain motions with the hand. Really upset about this unprovoked incident, especially when I learned the dog had bitten at least three people prior to me!

Comment from: texastech, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 22

I'm a veterinary technician, so dog bites are just a part of the job. My first bite was a 10yr old min-pin, whose rabies status was nil. Dog has never been vaccinated. Needless to say, his head was sent in for testing after the others elected euthanasia. He was negative, thank goodness. My 2nd dog bite was yesterday - a 65lb "mutt", whose owner brought her in for a swollen face. She was fine, wagging her tail while we were getting her out of the kennel. The doctor needed to examine her and give her a shot of a steroid, and I reached down to get a tighter grip on the leash, and she bit my thumb and first knuckle on my index finger of my left hand. Her upper canine hit my joint of the thumb, and oh boy does it HURT today! It's red, purple and swollen. I took an x-ray, and there's no bone damage. I can move it left, right, and back - but not forward. I'm finishing up a round of antibiotics for a case of strep throat, so I'm not really concerned about infection. Not to mention, I washed it with soap, surgical scrub, vetadine solution, chlorehexedine solution AND sprayed lysol on it for good measure - haha! And honestly, I'd much rather have a dog bite me than a cat!

Comment from: Tall Blues Fan, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 27

We adopted a 4 year old female Jack Russell terrier a year ago from Animal Control. I made the mistake of allowing her on my lap while I was in a certain chair. She now assumes that chair is hers and gets on it only to be told "off". Sometimes she refuses to budge and I have to take her off it myself. On this occasion she refused to get off the chair and I tried to use a newspaper to get her to move. No luck but it did piss her off. Then I manually moved her. She got down after really biting my hand hard. Lots of pain and upset over the bite. Went to the ER, got it cleaned up, tetanus shot, and prescription for antibiotics. No stitches need to let it heal from the inside out. She's current on her rabies shots. It's been 4 days now and the bite area is red with a little pus. My docs office is closed today so will go to Urgent Care. We've really gotten attached to this dog and don't want to give her back to Animal Control but want to make sure this doesn't happen again. Since the incident she's been very obedient about getting off the chair. Need to train her better to not get on the chair in the first place. It was my fault allowing her on my lap originally and then not letting her get up on her own. She seems to respond best to "Always" and "Never" rules. "Sometimes" isn't part of her thought process. She thought she could always get up on the chair once I let her up. Now I have to reverse that and make sure she understands never to get on the chair and also never to bite. I've been referred to a local dog trainer to help with the problem. She's basically sweet and clowns around all the time with her toys. She's more fun to watch than any TV show. Wish me luck!

Comment from: momof2, 0-2 Female Published: April 28

One year ago our 2 year old daughter was attacked by a dog, suffering multiple bites to the face. This left her with a considerable amount of scarring. We have since been visiting a pediatric plastic surgery every few months to monitor her healing progress. This has been a very traumatic experience not only for our daughter, but our entire family. It left our daughter with physical damage, as well as extreme emotional damage. This has been a very difficult experience for our entire family. One things I would suggest to other dog bite victims is to try and see a plastic surgeon right away. They can give you advice to reduce scarring that we were not told by the ER doctor.

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