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Docusate (Aqualax, Colace, Colace Micro-Enema, Conate, Correctol Extra Gentle, Diocto, DocQLace, Docu Soft, Docu, Docuprene, Docusil, DocuSol Kids, DocuSol Mini, DOK, Dulcolax Stool Softener, D.O.S., DC Softgels, Dialose, Enemeez Mini, Genasoft, GoodSense Stool Softener, Fam-Colsof, Healthy Mama Move It Along, Kao-Tin, KS Stool Softener, Laxa Basic, Modane Soft, Phillips Liquid-Gels, Pedia-Lax, Promolaxin, Regulax SS, Silace, Sof-Lax, Stool Softener Laxative DC, Stool Softener, Sulfolax, Surfak, Sur-Q-Lax, Therevac SB, Top Care Stool Softener, Uni-Ease, Vacuant Mini-Enema, Vacuant Plus) is a common OTC stool softener used to treat and prevent constipaiton. Side effects, drug interactions, dosage, storage, and pregnancy safety information should be reviewed prior to taking this medication.

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    • Constipation Constipation is defined medically as fewer than three stools per week and severe constipation as less than one stool per week....learn more »
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      Constipation Article
      • Constipation facts
      • What is constipation?
      • What causes constipation?
      • Medications that cause constipation
      • Other causes of constipation
      • What are constipation symptoms?
      • How is constipation diagnosed (evaluated)?
      • Exams and tests
      • Imaging studies and other tests
      • What treatments are available for constipation?
      • Dietary fiber and bulk-forming laxatives to treat constipation
      • Other laxatives to treat constipation
      • Other laxatives and OTC products to treat constipation
      • Prescription drugs to treat constipation
      • Other treatments for constipation
      • What is the approach to the evaluation and treatment of constipation?
      • When should I seek medical care for chronic constipation?
      • What is new in the treatment of constipation?
    • Laxatives for Constipation Laxatives for treatment of constipation include over-the-counter preparations such as bulk-forming laxatives, stool softeners,...learn more »
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      Laxatives for Constipation Article
      • Laxatives for constipation facts
      • What is constipation?
      • What are the causes of constipation?
      • When should a doctor be consulted for constipation?
      • What natural remedies can a person take for constipation?
      • What over-the-counter preparations can be used for constipation?
      • Bulk-forming laxatives
      • Stool softeners (emollient laxatives)
      • Lubricant laxatives
      • Stimulant laxatives
      • Saline laxatives and osmotic laxatives
      • Enemas and suppositories
      • How is constipation treated in infants and children?
      • How is constipation treated during pregnancy?

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