Essential Screening Tests Every Woman Needs

A doctor examining a female patient during medical examination.
A mammogram showing a malignant tumor.
A woman getting a mammogram.
Cervical cancer cells.
Pap smear screening test.
Nurse immunizing a patient against cervical cancer.
Illustration of a osteoporotic bone.
A woman undergoing a bone density test.
Malignant melanoma.
A female patient being screened for skin cancer.
Woman taking a stress test with her doctor.
Woman getting blood pressure checked.
Angiogram of Atheroma plaque.
Tagging a blood sample.
Fundoscopy of diabetic retinopathy.
Glucose blood test.
Close up of the HIV virus.
Drawing blood from a patient.
Condom in wrapper.
Colonscopy view of Villous polyp.
Doctor performing a colonoscopy while viewing on a monitor.
Glaucoma infected eye.
Opthamologist examining a woman's eyes.
A patient with her doctor.

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Disease Prevention in Women Pictures Slideshow: Essential Screening Tests Every Woman Needs

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