Diet & Weight Loss Pictures Slideshow: The Best Diet Tips Ever

Reviewed by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD on Friday, April 04, 2014

A man drinks from a bottle of water.

A woman snacks on an apple and peanut butter.

An apple pie.

Types of different mini meals to be eaten throughout the day.

Salmon steaks cook on a grill.

Jars of spices.

Healthy foods stored in convenient containers.

A woman looks at a restaurant menu with her two children.

Bowtie pasta salad.

A woman eats a bowl of cereal.

A woman picks out produce from the grocery store.

A cupboard full of food.

Crossed out dates on a calendar.

A person checks their weight on a scale.

A woman takes a nap with her dog.

Measuring spoons filled with food to indicate portion control.

An elderly couple shares a slice of melon.

A man and woman drink at a bar.

A woman blows a bubble with her chewing gum.

A woman writes inside a food diary.

A woman tries on many different shoes.

An elderly man helps his partner do a pull-up exercise.

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