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Quick GuideDiabetes Diet: Healthy Meal Plans for Diabetes-Friendly Eating

Diabetes Diet: Healthy Meal Plans for Diabetes-Friendly Eating


Vegetables give you vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are low in carbohydrates.

Examples of vegetables include:

  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Vegetable juice
  • Spinach
  • Peppers
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Chilies
  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Greens
  • Cabbage

How much is a serving of vegetables?

1 Serving of Vegetables
2 Servings of Vegetables
3 Servings of Vegetables

If you have more than one serving at a meal, you can choose a few different types of vegetables or have two or three servings of one vegetable.

Print out this chart. Then fill in the blanks with how many servings of vegetables to have at meals and snacks.

1. How many servings of vegetables do you now eat each day?
I eat _____ vegetable servings each day.

2. Go back to "How much should I eat each day" to check how many servings of vegetables to have each day.
I will eat___________vegetable servings each day.

3. I will eat this many servings of vegetables at

Breakfast______Snack ______
Lunch______Snack ______
Dinner______Snack ______

A diabetes teacher can help you with your meal plan.

What are healthy ways to eat vegetables?

  • Eat raw and cooked vegetables with little or no fat, sauces, or dressings.
  • Try low-fat or fat-free salad dressing on raw vegetables or salads.
  • Steam vegetables using a small amount of water or low-fat broth.
  • Mix in some chopped onion or garlic.
  • Use a little vinegar or some lemon or lime juice.
  • Add a small piece of lean ham or smoked turkey instead of fat to vegetables when cooking.
  • Sprinkle with herbs and spices.
  • If you do use a small amount of fat, use canola oil, olive oil, or soft margarines (liquid or tub types) instead of fat from meat, butter, or shortening.
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