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Symptoms of diabetes can be similar in type 1 diabetes, typically diagnosed in children and teens, and type 2 diabetes, which most often occurs in adults. Early symptoms of any type of diabetes are related to high blood and urine glucose levels and include

Other symptoms can include

Vaginal infections in women and yeast infections in both men and women are common. Other symptoms can include

Causes of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by insufficient production of insulin, production of defective insulin (which is uncommon), or the inability of the body's cells to use insulin properly (insulin resistance). Both genetics (inherited factors) and lifestyle factors (such as overweight or obesity) affect a person's chances of developing type 2 diabetes. The absolute lack of insulin, usually related to damage to or destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas likely due to an autoimmune reaction, is the cause of type 1 diabetes. There is also an inherited (genetic) risk for type 1 diabetes.

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