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Controlling blood sugar is an important goal for people with diabetes, but it is only one component of a healthy nutrition plan. Proper nutrition is essential for everyone, especially those living with diabetes. A "diabetes diet" should have as a goal the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight. Optimal control of blood sugar (glucose) and weight can help to prevent common complications of diabetes such as heart and vascular disease.

There is no specific diet that is recommended for all people with diabetes. Diabetic nutrition plans are individualized according to each individual's needs, schedules, and eating habits. A diabetes diet plan must also take into consideration the intake of insulin and oral diabetes medications. The foundation of a diabetes meal plan, however, is the same for everyone. Recommended strategies include the consumption of a variety of foods, such as:

  • whole grains,
  • fruits,
  • non-fat dairy products,
  • beans, and
  • lean meats or vegetarian substitutes.

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