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Medications are used to manage a variety of conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments that the medication dextroamphetamine-oral capsule sa may be used to treat or manage.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy is a problem with the functioning of the nerves outside of the spinal cord. Symptoms may include numbness,...learn more »
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    Peripheral Neuropathy Article
    • Peripheral neuropathy facts
    • What is peripheral neuropathy?
    • What causes peripheral neuropathy?
    • What are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?
    • How is peripheral neuropathy diagnosed?
    • Is there any treatment for peripheral neuropathy?
    • Can peripheral neuropathy be prevented?
  • Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) About 2%-6% of adults have ADHD, a common behavioral problem. Symptoms include impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention....learn more »
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    Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Article
    • Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) facts
    • What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
    • What are causes and risk factors for adult ADHD?
    • How prevalent is adult ADHD?
    • What are adult ADHD symptoms and signs?
    • What tests do health-care professionals use to diagnose adult ADHD?
    • What is the treatment for adult ADHD? What are adult ADHD medications?
    • Are there any home remedies for adult ADHD?
    • What are complications of adult ADHD?
    • What is the prognosis of adult ADHD?
    • Is it possible to prevent adult ADHD?
    • Are support groups available for those living with adult ADHD?
    • Where can people find additional information on adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
  • Narcolepsy Narcolepsy, a chronic disease of the central nervous system causes have not been fully determined. Narcolepsy, a chronic disease...learn more »
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    Narcolepsy Article
    • Narcolepsy facts
    • What is narcolepsy?
    • How common is narcolepsy?
    • What causes narcolepsy?
    • What are the symptoms of narcolepsy?
    • Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS)
    • Cataplexy
    • Hypnagogic hallucinations
    • Sleep paralysis
    • Additional symptoms
    • How is narcolepsy diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment for narcolepsy?
    • What specialists treat narcolepsy?
    • What medications treat narcolepsy?
    • Non-drug treatments
    • What is the outcome (prognosis) for patients with narcolepsy?
    • What's in the future for narcolepsy?
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  • Tourette Syndrome Tourette syndrome is disorder, which symptoms include involuntary facial tics, motor tics, and vocal tics. The cause of Tourette...learn more »
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    Tourette Syndrome Article
    • What is Tourette syndrome?
    • What are the symptoms of Tourette syndrome?
    • What is the course of Tourette syndrome?
    • Can people with Tourette syndrome control their tics?
    • What causes Tourette syndrome?
    • What disorders are associated with Tourette syndrome?
    • How is Tourette syndrome diagnosed?
    • How is Tourette syndrome treated?
    • Is Tourette syndrome inherited?
    • What is the prognosis for Tourette syndrome?
    • What is the best educational setting for children with Tourette syndrome?
    • What research is being done for Tourette syndrome?
    • Where can I get more information about Tourette syndrome?
  • 13 Tips for Parenting a Teen With ADHD Parenting a teenager who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be challenging. Parents can use specific...learn more »
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    13 Tips for Parenting a Teen With ADHD Article
    • Introduction to parenting teens
    • 13 tips for dealing with your ADHD teen
    • ADHD teens and driving
    • ADHD teens, school, and homework
    • ADHD teens, alcohol, and drugs
    • Alcohol use by children