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What symptoms and signs did you experience with dengue fever?

Comment from: Nick0, 35-44 (Patient) Published: July 18

Dengue is life changing. I live in Bali so I knew what I had with the onset of symptoms which were as follows: extreme chills and a very high fever. After 12 hours, I went to the clinic for an NS1 Ag Elisa test (positive), then spent the next 4 days rotating between bed and the clinic for daily test to monitor platelet count which never dropped below 100K. Rash occurred on day 4 and lasted after fever broke, as did tiredness and funnily enough, depression! I was offered saline and glucose IV which I accepted and that made me feel a lot better. Dengue causes plasma leakage so you need to hydrate which can be hard (it's the dehydration that makes you feel awful).

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Comment from: Godsgrace, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

I suffered from this horrible illness. At first I thought I just had headaches but when I woke up at 4am with fever I knew something was wrong. The fever, headaches and the worst feeling ever lasted for about 4 days then the fever left, My platelet count was very low almost critical. I drank the juice of pawpaw leaves which is not quite any official medicine, but it is known that this can contribute to increasing white blood cells and platelet count. Also my body itched terribly and now I am in recovery mode. I have horrible dizzy spells and occasionally headaches. During the virus itself you have terrible back and eye pains but it eases up after a while. I don't wish this on my worst enemy.

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Comment from: Woztj, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: December 30

I just recently had dengue fever; I had high fever, excruciating pain behind the eyes and felt like had 2 broken legs and felt awful. I was hospitalized for 5 days, platelets went down to 48,000 and I had the swollen red hands and feet etc., seems like it can be worse for many. Now I am out of hospital but still struggling with intermittent fatigue, after reading some posts wish I had known about the papaya leaf use. I am still going to get some and try as I do not want to be fatigued on and off for weeks etc. I am surprised how long some people have said they suffered for, this worries me. In total it has been 2 weeks for me and I am back going to the gym etc., but is a real struggle, I feel weak and lethargic so much, I have to keep fighting it, but some days are tough!

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Comment from: Aleen, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 20

I have lived in Costa Rica for five years. About two months ago, I had been feeling weak and tired and then one afternoon became quite nauseated. That evening my temperature spiked to 102.6F and I had a crushing headache. In the morning I went to the doctor who immediately suspected dengue and a blood test confirmed it. Over the next five days, daily blood tests continued to show the low white cell count. But I was extremely lucky because I did not have the terrible fever and pain usually associated with dengue. I was treated three different days for dehydration. The rash appeared only on my shins and only for 4-5 days. The most prevalent symptom was exhaustion and weakness. By the 6th or 7th day I was feeling much better and resumed my normal daily routine.

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Comment from: Gk, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 25

I got severe headache behind my eyes while i was driving back from a long travel. Next day it started with high fever. Three times I went to the bathroom but it was not diarrhea. To reduce the headache I touched finger on the behind of the tongue to vomit once and took paracetamol 650. But the fever remained 103F. I took a blood test on 3rd day, it was ok with 250,000 platelets but hemoglobin slightly less. The fever came down on 5th day. I took another blood test. Now platelet count was down to 150,000. On 6th day no fever but the blood test said 48,000 platelet. With dengue rapid test positive, I was admitted at hospital. They gave me IV in the overnight. Next day i was feeling well so started taking normal food and no IV. I took 2 spoons of tender papaya leaf juice 3 times daily. The tests were every 6 hours. It was 43,000; 41,000; 52,000 and 72,000. The next day I was discharged as the platelet count was picking up. But on the legs there were red spots on the hair growth and some itching on the hands and feet on day 8. And the red rashes on all the body looks like my color is changed to slightly black! I took levocetirizine 5 mg to get sleep in the night to escape from itching one day. I was feeling tired. On day 11 I took another platelets test which showed 370, 000! So I stopped taking papaya leaf juice. On day 12 the rashes mostly disappeared. But I had some small headache and light joint pains. On day 17, I started going for work. But I felt my feet skin is slightly peeling off. Still on day 20, I'm not feeling well as before!

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Comment from: coz, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

I spent 3 weeks in Vietnam and Thailand. I suspect I was bitten in Thailand as I didn't experience symptoms until returning home. The tingling lips and metallic taste with glandular swelling, headaches and fatigue started first. The temperatures (not severe but chills) and an allover body rash were next. My hands and feet were very sensitive with rash and it pulsated all night. I had diarrhea only occasionally. The symptoms described decreased after 7 days but dizziness, headaches, neck aches and fatigue and thirst continue into now day 13.

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