Dehydration Causes, Symptoms and Tips to Stay Hydrated

A man feeling the effects of diarrhea.
A teenage boy feeling ill after vomiting.
A boy sweating from playing soccer quenches his thirst with water.
A person with diabetes checking blood sugar levels.
Damaged skin of a burned hand.
A female hiker gives water to a fellow hiker suffering from dehydration.
A man feeling lightheaded, weak, and dehydrated after an intense workout.
A doctor examines a patient who may be suffering from dehydration.
Bottled water, sports drinks, popsicles, and Jell-O.
A person takes medication and water to control a fever.
A dehydrated woman goes into shock.
Two hikers are well prepared with water and other supplies during a hike.
A man drinks water after running on a hot day.
Two seniors drink bottled water while on a bike ride.
A man drinking beer on a hot day at the beach.
A couple enjoy the beach on a hot summer day wearing light clothing.
A man cools off in the shade while drinking bottled water.
A female runner examines a male runner who has collapsed from heat exhaustion in the desert.
Droplets of water from an emptied bottle drying up on the ground.

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Dehydration Pictures Slideshow: Causes, Symptoms and Tips to Stay Hydrated

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