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For deep vein thrombosis, what were the symptoms and signs you experienced?

Comment from: Carise, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 06

I had a sudden onset of extreme swelling in the left leg, a purple-reddish color in the leg, and pain when moving the leg. A few days before the actual signs of deep vein thrombosis presented themselves in my leg, I experienced a fever and dizziness.

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Published: July 18

I am a 17-year-old male diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis in my left calf. My leg was painful and, on the day of the emergency room visit, very swollen. I was put on Lovenox for three months, four shots a day. Now, three months later, my clot has dissolved. I have now been referred to an immunologists for further studies.

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Published: July 17

I was on birth control for many years. Last summer I spent far too long in a car on a drive from CT to NC. I knew I should have gotten out more, but I was just anxious to get where I was going. Around July 15, my right leg was a bit sore on the inside of my thigh just above my knee. By July 26, my right leg was blotchy and swollen at the bottom, near the ankle, and it hurt to walk on. I went to the doctor, and I was sent for an ultrasound to rule out DVT. The people checked above my knee, but not below. The scan was clear. I was diagnosed with cellulitis and started on antibiotics. Truth be told, I had cellulitis in the past and it resembled it now. Over the next two weeks, the pain worsened, the swelling down by my ankles and calves worsened, and it started to spread to my left leg. I also can't put my finger on the exact date, but around the first of August I began to have extreme difficulty breathing. I figured it was due to the air quality alerts we were under at the time. Sitting and talking, while doing no other activity, would leave me out of breath. Finally, on August 8 I went to the doctor again. He took one look at me and sent me right to the ER. My D-dimer test was positive, and my VQ scan showed a moderate probability of a PE. The ultrasound showed a large blood clot in the greater saphenous vein (which is NOT a deep vein) that extended all the way to the juncture with the femoral vein. I also had a slightly enlarged heart from the strain of the clot in my lung. I was on warfarin therapy for seven months, along with Lovenox for the first two weeks. I've discontinued the use of birth control, and you better believe I get out of the car every hour like clockwork. I'm about to have surgery again, for which my doctor recommended the insertion of the vena cava filter and prophylactic Lovenox treatment for six to eight weeks (ugh!!). But better than the alternative! Be aware when something doesn't feel right! Don't try to talk yourself out of it

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Published: July 09

I went on a short plane trip, only two hours long. The next day my leg was sore. By day three, I could barely walk. The calf was swollen and red. I knew something was wrong, for I did not bump or hurt my leg. I waited until I got back from vacation to go to the ER. It was a deep vein thrombosis, and I was lucky for you need to go right away! I was in the hospital two days. Now I am on coumadin. I hope to be off in three months, but once you have a blood clot, you are at a higher risk for another.

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Published: June 27

At age 21 was diagnosed with multiple pulmonary emboli. I experienced severe back and jaw pain. After 12 hours of laying in the ER, nobody knowing what was wrong with me one smart doctor decided to check my oxygen levels and they figured it out. I was near death at the time, newly married with a small child. I am so thankful to be alive. The cause? Birth control pills. Beware ladies-the stuff is not good for you.

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Published: June 18

I was diagnosed with a PE that doctors believe was a result of an ankle sprain and the use of birth control. I am presently on Coumadin and I am very blessed to be alive ---I had a large clot on my lungs that traveled from my leg that could have cost me my life.

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Published: June 18

I noticed I had a bruise on my lower right leg at about the middle of the shinbone. I had no idea how it got there. A couple of days later I noticed a stiffness and a pain in my right leg going from the center of my shinbone to half way up my inner thigh. I am athletic and keep active by bicycling. I was very aware that this pain was coming from a vein and not a muscle. Since my father had Phlebitis many years ago and my sister had died a year and a half ago from Pulmonary Embolism about a month after she suffered a broken leg, (she also was in a wheel chair for the last 15 years from MS), I was pretty sure I was suffering at least with Phlebitis. I went to the Doctor's office the next day. By this time the vein was a little swollen, hard and left a red line on my leg. He sent me to get an ultrasound exam. During the ultrasound it was determined that I had Deep Vein Thrombosis. I got on the Lovenox injections right away as well as the Warfarin. It has been 5 days since my diagnosis and since I started on the meds. So far I have not noticed any reduction of the swelling in my vein but today it might not be quit as painful. I had had surgery on my bladder about 7 weeks before I noticed the thrombosis. May 22 I was on a jet for 5 hours. May 26 I was again on a jet for 5 hours. I attribute the surgery, the jet travel, and heredity to my developing the thrombosis. Luckily I was aware enough about what blood clots in legs can do from the history of other members in my family. I hope I have taken care of this in time. I am sure I have.

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