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Cyst treatment is highly dependent upon the type and location of your cyst. Management can range from simply watching and waiting for your cyst to drain to surgical removal of organs and surrounding tissues for cysts that are associated with a malignant tumor.

Superficial cysts

Cysts that are located in the skin or in tissues just below the skin surface can be related to acne or other skin conditions. Sebaceous cysts are a common type of cyst of the skin and underlying tissues. Antibiotic treatment can be helpful for those who suffer from severe acne. Other small, benign cysts can be surgically removed (taking out the entire cyst and its surrounding wall) or drained (inserting a needle to draw out cyst fluid or contents). Antibiotics or packing of the wound may be required following the procedure, depending on the size and location of the cyst.

Cysts of specific organs or deeper tissues

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