Cosmetic Dentistry: Before-and-After

Woman smiling with bright white teeth.
A chipped tooth before and after dental bonding.
Man's smile before and after porcelain veneers.
Tooth prepared for dental crown.
Smile's rough edges smoothed by enamel shaping.
Misaligned teeth before and after braces.
Collage of different types of braces.
Stained teeth professionally whitened.
Tooth-colored fillings replace amalgam fillings.
Uneven gum line refined by gum reshaping.
Safety cap on dental implant and replacement crown.
Profile of a smile with and without dentures in place.
Missing teeth restored with dental bridge.
Gum recession fixed by grafting surgery.
Smile makeover corrects multiple dental problems.

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Reviewed by Kenneth Rotskoff, MD, DDS on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After Photos

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