COPD Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Illustration of healthy lungs.
Illustration of blocked airway showing COPD.
Photo of man grabbing handrail.
Photo of chronic bronchitis.
CT scan of lungs with emphysema.
Photo of a hand wearing pulse oximeter.
Doctor conducting a lung function and breathing test on a man.
Chest x-ray showing COPD.
Illustration of airway and photo of bronchodilator.
A woman using an inhalation spray to treat COPD.
Photo of corticosteroids in a woman's hand.
Photo of woman doing breathing exercises.
Photo of older couple blowing a pinwheel.
Photo of woman with an oxygen tube.
SEM scan of legionella bacteria.
A surgeon reviewing a lung x-ray.
Photo of an older woman running.
Photo of burning cigarette.
Photo of healthy cilia.
Photo of peanut butter sandwich.
Close up of lung cancer.
Photo of a couple walking on the beach.

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COPD Stages, Symptoms, Emphysema, Bronchitis

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