Complementary and Alternative Cancer Treatments (cont.)

Medical Reviewer:

There are many more options for complementary and alternative cancer treatments, including biofeedback, special diets, art therapy, music therapy, and even prayer. But the bottom line is that complementary or alternative treatments alone can't cure cancer.

"Nobody wants to go through chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery for cancer. But those are the best treatments we have," says Bernicker. So remember these important points when making your decision about whether to try a complementary or an alternative treatment:

  • Always check with your doctor before trying any complementary or alternative cancer treatment.
  • Complementary and alternative cancer treatments should never delay or replace a proven treatment for cancer.
  • Don't assume that an herbal medicine or supplement is safe just because it is natural.
  • Be very wary of any alternative cancer treatment that promises a cure.

Author: Chris Iliades, MD


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