Cold Sores: Pictures, Coping, Treatment and Prevention

A woman touches her lip.
Close up photo of herpes cold sore blisters
A woman gives another a social kiss.
Photo of a man driving.
Photo of herpes blisters on the lip with an inset of a canker sore on the inner lip
Photo of oozing cold sore.
A couple about to kiss
A woman feeds a man with a fork.
A woman with her hand on her mouth in pain.
A woman applies herpes medication to her lip.
A pharmacist holds a bottle of prescription pills.
A photo of a herpes sore under the nose and above the lip
A woman crosses her arms and legs.
A photo of a herpes eye infection
Photo of a yoga class.
A woman with two cold sores on her top lip

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Cold Sores Pictures Slideshow: Coping, Treatment and Prevention

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