Cocaine and Crack Abuse (cont.)

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What are symptoms and signs of cocaine abuse and addiction?

Cocaine-use disorder is an illness that is now diagnostically included as part of the condition called stimulant-use disorder. It used to be separated into the two disorders known as cocaine abuse and cocaine dependence. Cocaine-use disorder is characterized by a negative pattern of using cocaine that leads to significant problems or distress over at least a 12-month period and is characterized by at least two of the following symptoms:

  • Repeated cocaine use that interferes with meeting significant responsibilities at work, school, or home
  • Recurrent cocaine use in circumstances that can be hazardous
  • Continued cocaine use despite continued or repeated social, school, work, or interpersonal problems due to the effects of the drug
  • Tolerance is either a significantly diminished effect of cocaine or a need to substantially increase the amount used to achieve the same high or other desired effects.
  • Withdrawal, which is signs or symptoms consistent with withdrawal from cocaine, or taking it or a closely related substance to avoid developing withdrawal symptoms
  • Larger amounts of cocaine are taken or for longer than planned.
  • The person experiences persistent desire to take the drug or has made unsuccessful attempts to decrease or manage its use.
  • Substantial amounts of time are spent getting, using, or recovering from the effects of cocaine.
  • The individual significantly decreases or stops engaging in important social, recreational, work, or school activities as a result of using cocaine.
  • Craving or strongly wanting to use cocaine
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