Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cont.)

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Is it possible to prevent CFS/SEID?

Currently, there are no known methods to prevent CFS/SEID. Development of effective prevention methods is hampered by no firm knowledge of the cause(s) of CFS/SEID. Most experts and clinicians suggestions for prevention are general recommendations that result in a healthy lifestyle since no specific prevention methods are known. Examples of the general recommendations are avoidance of viral infections, lower daily stress as much as possible, and maintain regular sleep cycles and a healthy diet, along with avoidance of the many toxins in the environment; these are cited by most clinicians as possible ways to reduce or prevent the chance of developing CFS/SEID.

Females with CFS/SEID are cautioned about pregnancy because of the stresses placed on the mother and fetus. In addition, the genetic connection, if any, is not clear between the parents with CFS/SEID and their children.

Where can people find additional information about CFS/SEID?

The following is a list of agencies and groups where people may obtain more detailed information about chronic fatigue syndrome or systemic exertion intolerance disease and how individuals cope with the disease:

CFIDS Association of America:

CDC Treatment and Management Options:


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