Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cont.)

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Is there a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Although some people may spontaneously have a reduction or cessation of some symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), especially with treatments described above, there is no known cure for CSF. The current goal is to relieve CFS symptoms; to accomplish CFS symptom reduction is often accomplished by several different activities that patients can use at the same time. Such combined activity (or therapy) may include the following:

  • Healthy diet (increasing fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty foods); some claim adding the following herbals and diet products to the patient's diet may reduce symptoms (astragalus, borage seed oil, bromelain, comfrey, echinacea, garlic, Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, primrose oil, quercetin, St. John's wort, maca, pau d'arco, spirulina, and Shiitake mushroom extract) but patients should check with their doctors before using such items.
  • Exercise (regular daily exercise programmed for the individual patient)
  • Intellectual stimulation (may require cognitive-behavorial therapy)
  • Testing for sleep apnea and receive sleep management therapy if needed
  • Medication for pain and discomfort
  • Anti-anxiety and /or antidepressant medication
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