A 'Tummy Ache,' or Something Serious?

A mother and her child visit a pediatrician for an exam.
A boy discusses his pain with the doctor.
A girl is given an antibiotic pill by hand.
A boy eats a hamburger.
Medication bottle showing caution warning.
A nurse checks the blood sugar in a child with diabetes.
A worried little girl holds her teddy bear.
A boy in pain in bed with a clock.
A doctor examines a boy for abdominal pain.
A sad and distressed toddler in pain.
A sick girl keeps a trash can next to her bed in case she vomits.
A boy feeling nauseous while being examined by a doctor.
A mother comforts her daughter.
A sick child with a fever and a thermometer in her mouth.
A boy feeling ill lies in his bed.
An uncomfortable girl sitting in a curled position.
A little girl having her stomach examined by doctor.
A doctor performs an ultrasound exam on a young girl.
A mother talks on the phone concerned about her child’s pain.
A young child sleeping in bed.
A young girl drinking a glass of water.
A mother feeding her daughter a bowl of soup in bed.
A boy eating a cracker.
Parents discuss medications for their child with the pharmacist.
A pediatrician with a child holding a medicine bottle.
When to Call a Doctor.
A mother discusses her child’s condition with the doctor.

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Abdominal Pain: Common Causes of Stomach Pain in Children

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