Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

After I've Completed Chemotherapy, How Long Must I Wait Before Trying To Get Pregnant?

Pregnancies after chemotherapy are not uncommon, but need to be planned after you complete treatment. Consult your oncology physician about your plans to get pregnant. In many cases, pregnancy will not influence the return of cancer. But there are situations in which pregnancy should be considered with caution.

If infertility is an issue after your treatment is complete, there are alternative therapies. Discuss your options with your gynecologic doctor.

Are There Risks Of Chromosomal Abnormalities Or Cancer In Children Conceived After Chemotherapy?

No. There is no known risk of chromosomal abnormalities in a woman's children after she has had chemotherapy. There is also no evidence that chemotherapy treatment causes cancer in children conceived after the treatment is complete.

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