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The symptoms of cellulitis can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your initial symptoms?

Published: June 09

Our 3 year old Son had a few mosquito bites on his lower leg/foot and within 24 hours he developed severe ankle area swelling, redness and itching and it was also hot to touch and very tender.

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Published: June 04

My initial symptoms were low-grade fever, chills and a warm, red, swollen and painful lower leg.

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Published: June 03

I cut my leg over a week ago, but cleaned it and treated it with an antiseptic cream almost straight away. When I got home I again cleaned the wound and applied iodine. Everything seemed to be going fine for a week. Then it suddenly got red and started swelling. The doctor saw me straight away and has prescribed penicillin and flucloxacillin, along with ibuprofen to act as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. It's still not looking good, so I'm going back tomorrow.

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Published: June 03

I had cellulitis on the inner part of my thigh. I was told by one doctor it was a bug bite that turned into cellulitis. I went to the hospital they gave me some antibiotics in an IV and pills to take home, it did not work. I kept having night sweats my leg got redder and bigger daily, and it was spreading. Then I went to a family doctor instead of the ER he replied by saying damn and then I was instantly put in the hospital I had surgery, and after I got out of the hospital in 3-4 days I had to pack to large holes in my leg with gauze. I really felt like I had the flu and I vomited often and my potassium got low. I think it was resistant to certain antibiotics.

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Published: June 03

My cellulitis began with what looked like a piece of lint near my ankle. I brushed the "lint" off and noticed a clear liquid oozing from where the lint had been. I squeezed not knowing what it was. It keeping draining and I sterilized a needle and poked the small hole. I could tell that something was in there. A soft-squishy bump. After pain so bad I had to crawl I decided it was time to see the doctor. He said it was an abscess. He lanced it, not much drainage. I went back to work. The next day area of my ankle was so swollen. I had to go back to the doc's anyway. He unwrapped my foot, squeezed the incision and pus/blood spewed out. Well, I ended up for 5 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics ... physical therapy to cleanse the wound with saline solution. She founded something ... a very small white thing. I took it to work and put it under a magnifying piece ... it looked like a tiny piece of crystallized sand! After having professional look at it ... calcified thing! It looks like a little fossil to us! After almost 4 years it still itches sometimes, really bad. What is with that? Doc doesn't seem concerned but I find it odd. Itching is a sign of healing ... after 4 years?

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Published: June 02

My father had been having his foot and leg hurt him. He thought the nerve endings in his legs were dying. He has diabetes and is on dialysis three times a week. He went for his checkup and the doctor told him he had some type of an ulcer sore on the bottom of his foot, right under the toes. The doctor removed it, which left a small hole about the size of a dime, wrapped it up, and told us to come back in a week. My dad said his foot hurt so bad that he couldn't even touch the rest of his leg. He said it was the most gruesome, excruciating pain he had ever experienced. Next week, the doctor cut more skin off, the top layer of skin, and found more white water blisters. He said it was cellulitus, and there was more toward the middle of the foot. He wrapped it up again and put Dad on a Rocephin shot and amoxicillin pills. He is now in the hospital, and we are waiting for the MRI results, which will show if the infection has gotten to the bone. Before the doctor visit, his leg was a strange, dark red color and he suffered chills, and pain. His blood pressure was low too.

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Published: May 29

I've had cellulitis twice now. The first time (7 years ago) it showed up on my thigh soon after spending a day at the lake. The doctor told me what it was and gave me a prescription of antibiotics, but it didn't improve. I ended up in the hospital for a week with an IV antibiotic. Now I have it in my other leg; I think it must be where I cut myself shaving. It started off as a knot, but soon became red, warm to the touch, and very painful. I remembered that pain from the last time, so I immediately went to the doctor for a prescription. Hopefully this time the oral meds will take care of it and I won't end up back in the hospital!

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