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What was your treatment for cellulitis?

Comment from: Niki, Female (Patient) Published: September 16

I am 34 years old and I have had cellulitis 3 times in the same place. Directly under my right eye. Very close to the eye. The 1st time was right after getting a hair cut, and I believe a small hair poked my skin, or at least caused me to scratch that spot. It has came back twice in the same area, not sure why.

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Comment from: billie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 24

Was diagnosed with celluitis within 24 hours of receiving two yellow jacket stings. Redness surrounding stings grew larger, harder, with raised borders. Began keflex regimen. Pain and itch is very pronounced.

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Comment from: mamaritt, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 06

I had abdominal surgery 7 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago I noticed that my lower abdomen below the incision was swelling, turning red and very warm/hot to the touch. I only ran a slight fever. The doctor put me on Cipro which wasn't strong enough. I went to the ER 5 days after starting Cipro. I felt like my incision was going to burst open and in a lot of pain. The ER doctor diagnosed cellulitis caused from excess blood accumulation (perfect bacterial medium). I was given Invance intravenously for 5 days, 3 during my hospital admission and 2 as outpatient. I'm on Augmentin 875mg 2x daily, now orally for what will probably be 20 days. My drain scar has now burst open and began oozing pus and blood at first, now it won't close and is just a little blood. I have to change the dressing about every 3 hours during the day, but lying down reduces the blood flow and I can go all night without soaking through. Rest, antibiotics, and time is what I've been told. Improvement is very slow and I am depressed over this.

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Comment from: JJ, 0-2 Female (Patient) Published: May 27

My daughter is 6 months 3 weeks and at first I got scared so I took her to the clinic I had thought something had bit her but then they decided to do some blood test and they left us in the hospital. She had iv put in her and antibiotics it got really big swollen and purple so her doctor thought it would be best to poke it with a needle and bring out the puss so they put some numbing cream on her little breast which that's where it was; and covered it with clear tape while they got ready and then 5 min later I noticed a whole bunch of blood and puss on her gown so I called the nurse in right away. That made it all easier from there the doc just squeezed out the puss and the swelling went down dramatically by the next day we were already home.

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Comment from: liz, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 20

I had a small pimple at the back of my thigh. I squeezed it and after 2 days I had terrible pain and heat around the site. Within a few hours I the swelling increased to the size of a base ball and the heat was unbearable. My doctor gave me oral antibiotics flucloxalin 500mg to take 3 times a day. I did but after 2 days the swelling was getting worse and unbearable. I had no fever but went back to my doctor who told me it was cellulitis and I was put on IV antibiotics cefuroxime and gave me 6 probenecid tablets to take orally. I will have another dose of IV abs tomorrow and hopefully that will fix it. The swelling is still there but the heat and pain are a lot better.

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Comment from: Mssig, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 28

I have a red warm spot on my foot. It is about the size of a half dollar. I have had it before and was given antibiotics. After about the 5th time I did not take the antibiotics and it went away on its own. The Drs. have called it cellulitis, and they tested for gout which was negative. I even had a bone scan. It is really bad again and spreading. I went to the urgent care and told the Dr. my story and he gave me some cream called triamcinolone acetonide. I'm afraid to use it because he said if it is cellulitis it could make it worse.

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Comment from: swannin, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 22

I felt like someone punched me in the bridge of my nose and no one had. It was very tender and a bit red. I had pain when I lightly touched the bridge of my nose for over a week and then I started with a bad headache, sporadic ringing in my ears, and at times pain that would go down to my teeth. Oh, and to boot I'm pregnant. I went to the doctor with the feeling like someone punched me in the nose. The doctor told me my blood pressure was 147/80 which is very high for me. Mine is normally 107/70. She prescribed me Dexamehasone (steriod) 3 days and Amox-Clav (antibiotic) 5 days. In 1 day I am feeling much better. I even went out to have my blood pressure checked and it dropped to 121/76.

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