bupivacaine (Marcaine; Sensorcaine)

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GENERIC NAME: bupivacaine

BRAND NAMES: Marcaine; Sensorcaine

DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Bupivacaine is a local anesthetic that is similar to lidocaine and mepivacaine (amide type). Bupivacaine, like other local anesthetics reduces the flow of sodium in and out of nerves. This decreases the initiation and transfer of nerve signals in the area in which the drug is applied. This blockage leads first to a loss of sensation of pain, then temperature, touch, deep pressure, and muscle control. The concentration of the drug will determine how quickly it starts working. The FDA approved bupivacaine in October 1972.

PRESCRIBED FOR: Bupivacaine is prescribed for local or regional anesthesia (loss of sensation) or analgesia (decreased pain) for surgical, dental, diagnostic, and obstetrical procedures.

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