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Natural and home remedies for bug bites or stings

Natural or home remedies that may work include tea tree oil, lavender oil, o, oatmeal, fresh-cut onion, or toothpaste applied topically to the bite also have been reported to reduce symptoms of bites and stings. However, most of my colleagues and friends in the medical field and I have had no personal experience with these home remedies.

Although most bites and stings produce mild symptoms, some do not. The most immediate problem that may develop with some people is an allergic reaction to a bug bite or sting, which can be a medical emergency. The following signs and symptoms indicate the person should receive immediate (emergency) treatment:

If the person who has been bitten or stung carries an Epipen (epinephrine in an auto-injector syringe), inject it into the person's thigh, loosen any tight clothing, call 911, and if warranted, initiate CPR.

There are a few bites and stings that can lead to the development of long-term medical problems that are not covered in the scope of this article in which the "bugs" act as vectors for specific pathogens such as:

Is there any wonder why I hate "bugs"?


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Last Editorial Review: 5/21/2014