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USES: This is an anti-inflammatory medication (corticosteroid) which acts in the nose to reduce congestion. It is used to treat the stuffy nose caused by allergies. It is also used to prevent and treat nasal polyps.

HOW TO USE: This medication is usually used once a day as directed. Do not increase your dose, use this more frequently or stop using this medication without first consulting your doctor. This medication is for use in the nose. A health care professional should instruct you on the proper use of the nasal inhaler. For best results, follow the instructions closely. To use the nasal inhaler, first gently blow your nose to clear the nasal passages to ensure that the drug reaches deep into the nose. Unscrew the cover of the inhaler and lift it off. Hold the inhaler upright, turn the grip fully in one direction until it stops and twist it back again until it clicks (this action loads the dose). After loading the dose, do not shake the inhaler. Place the nasal adapter so the nostril fits snugly around the adapter. Block the other nostril with a finger. Sniff quickly and forcefully. The drug will be inhaled as you sniff in. Remove the inhaler from your nostril then breathe out. Repeat for the other nostril. Wipe the nasal adapter with a dry cloth after use. Do not wash it. Replace the cover. If the inhaler device is dropped or you accidentally breathe into the device after the dose has been loaded, you will lose your dose. Load and inhale a second dose.

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