Brow Lift Cosmetic Surgery (cont.)

What will I need at home after brow lift surgery

You should make sure your house is stocked with plenty of gauze and clean towels once you've arrived home after your brow lift. Also make sure to have the following on hand:

  • Plenty of ice

  • Container to use for ice or cold water

  • Plastic freezer bags to hold the ice OR you can also keep bags of frozen corn or peas on hand

  • Pillows (you'll have to keep your head elevated for a period of time)

  • Ointment for the incision area (which your surgeon can recommend or prescribe, if necessary)

What can I expect the day of surgery?

Typically, you can undergo a brow lift at your surgeon's office, in a hospital, or outpatient surgery facility. Your surgery should be completed within two hours and you will not normally need to stay overnight. However, you will need to bring someone along who can drive you home and, if you live alone, stay with you the first night or two.

Your surgeon will use local anesthesia. But, if it makes you more comfortable, you can request an anesthesia that will put you to sleep during the operation (general anesthesia). Once the operation has ended, your surgeon will close the incision areas with stitches or staples. Then he or she will cleanse the area to remove blood and cover the wound area with a soft, sterilized bandage that will surround your face.

It's very important to follow the instructions on how to care for the bandage and how frequently you should change it.

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