Cosmetic Procedures and the Brow Lift

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Does My Health Insurance Cover This Procedure?

A forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered under health insurance plans unless you have severe visual field loss. It's important that you receive price quotes in writing from your surgeon's office and that you understand charges for any follow-up care.

What can I expect during a brow lift consultation?

You've selected the surgeon, now it's time for the consultation about your brow lift.

You should prepare by having your medical history handy (for instance, have you previously undergone facial surgeries to correct aging or wrinkling?), current medical conditions and any medications. This will all affect how your surgeon analyzes your case and determines how to approach your surgery. Also, you should know exactly what you want to correct about the current appearance of your forehead.

Your surgeon will evaluate your entire forehead region, including your upper eyelids, paying attention to the muscles. The surgeon may have you make a variety of facial expressions so he or she can evaluate exactly how to help you.

How do I prepare for brow lift surgery?

There might be some lifestyle adjustments you have to make before you can undergo a brow lift. For instance, do you smoke? Then you may have to quit, or at least curtail your habit for a few days. But this is up to your surgeon, and he or she will provide you with specific pre-operative instructions.

You may also have to avoid alcohol and certain medications. If you regularly take an aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drug, your surgeon will ask you to stop taking these for a certain period of time before the surgery. These drugs can cause increased bleeding and should be avoided.

Also, be advised: if your hair is long and will get in the way of the procedure, you may have to trim it. If your hair is shorter, you may seek to grow it out to cover any scars. You will be able to discuss all this with your surgeon and how you should prepare.

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