bromocriptine (Parlodel) (cont.)

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  • Low blood pressure (hypotension) has been reported in some patients taking bromocriptine. The risk of experiencing hypotension is particularly of concern when treatment is first started or after increases in dose. Patients who are just starting treatment are advised to stand up slowly when getting up from a sitting or lying down position to avoid injury from falls due to dizziness or lightheadedness (orthostatic hypotension).
  • Some patients with pre-existing mental disorders may experience worsening psychotic symptoms or bromocriptine may reduce the effectiveness of some medications used to treat psychotic disorders.
  • Bromocriptine may cause sleepiness or drowsiness. Patients should not drive or operate machinery until they know how they will respond to the medication.
  • Certain medications used to treat schizophrenia and other mental disorders may interact with the way bromocriptine works.



PREPARATIONS: Tablets: 2.5 mg; Capsules: 5 mg

STORAGE: Bromocriptine tablets and capsules should be stored at room temperature, between 15 C and 30 C (59 F and 86 F).

DOSING: Bromocriptine should be taken with meals.

  • The dose for treating hyperprolactinemia is 2.5 to 15 mg daily. The initial dose for treating acromegaly is 1.25 to 2.5 mg at night. The dose may be increased by 1.25 to 2.5 mg every 3 to 7 days up to a maximum dose of 100 mg daily.
  • Parkinson's treatment is started at 1.25 mg every 12 hours. The dose may be increased by 2.5 mg a day every 2 to 4 weeks up to a maximum dose of 100 mg daily.
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