Breast Augmentation

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How long do implants last?

It is not known how long implants will last. In the body, the wall of the implant may weaken and become disrupted. This is more likely when there is an impact injury, such as from the steering wheel of a car or fall. The implant may or may not last a lifetime and depends upon the manufacturing process and other, as yet, unknown factors.

Final Results

Most patients are extremely happy with breast augmentation. There is a certain amount of increased self esteem and self confidence which may result.

The patient who desires augmentation should not be influenced by family or friends as to whether or not the surgery should be performed and what size is most desirable. This is a very personal matter to most patients and satisfaction is best when the patient makes the decisions.

Medically reviewed by Michael J. Wheatley, MD; American Board of Plastic Surgery


"Breast Implants"
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Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 4/30/2015

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