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Is it possible to prevent brain cancer?

Although there is no way to prevent brain cancers, early diagnosis and treatment of tumors that tend to metastasize to the brain may reduce the risk of metastatic brain tumors. The following factors have been suggested as possible risk factors for primary brain tumors: radiation to the head, HIV infection, and environmental toxins. However, no one knows the exact causes that initiate brain cancer, especially primary brain cancer, so specific preventive measures are not known. Although web sites and popular press articles suggest that macrobiotic diets, not using cell phones, and other methods will help prevent brain cancer, there is no reliable data to support these claims.

Where can I get more information about my type of brain cancer?

There are many types of brain cancer. For more specific information about a cancer type, questions and discussions with the patient's treatment team are the best way to obtain specific information. Also, there are many online resources available about brain cancer types. Often, these resources provide additional detailed information about pathology, statistics, treatments, and support groups for brain cancer patients. A few of the web sites are listed below.

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