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Please describe your experience with brain aneurysm.

Comment from: Lucky, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I survived a brain aneurysm it was huge 25mm in size. They put 3 clips in my head, and went in through my head. I am 3 months healing now at home. I have limitations now and for the rest of my life, like no stress, no caffeine, no forcing, no lifting, and no bending my head down. I am sure you all know of these limitations, because I am prone to having a stroke if I do not follow these simple rules.

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Comment from: Loving Son, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 16

My mother died of a Brain Aneurysm in April. She was 58. She always had headaches, but we never thought anything of them other than that they were just headaches. My father left the house early in the morning and my mom stated that she had the worst headache she has ever had. My Dad mentioned to her that she should go get checked out, so she thought she would give it a little while and go later. About an hour and a half later I was in my bedroom and I heard a loud scream and my mother collapsed in the bathroom. I immediately called 911 and she was in the hospital within 20 minutes of her collapsing, but it was too late she had passed away and only her motor functions were working. She left behind a husband of 36 years, three children and six grandchildren. All I can say is that if you have any doubt please go get checked by a doctor all it would take is a simple CT Scan and you could at least try to prevent this terrible disease.

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Comment from: ivory, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 12

My mom died of a brain aneurysm on her brain stem. She was only 47 and at the time I was 16 this was the hardest and most horrific thing anyone could go through, it still affects me every day of my life because we were so close. It was sudden, the main artery on her stem, she was put on a ventilator and the doctor clamped it off. They put a shunt in her brain to relieve pressure (which drained into a cup) and of course it seemed she was getting better she went to a rehab hospital with a feeding tube and a trachea because she couldn't swallow; she got to where she knew who we were though. Then after almost a year in the hospital she started having strokes and an infection in her brain that just started to rage. Then she died after all that. They told me and my sisters to have CT scans but after that, I don't think I want to know if I do have one.

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Comment from: PD, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: January 22

I have always had bad headaches but for the most part I can deal. March 08 I fainted in our kitchen and fell head first on our counter. My wife rushed me to the hospital. I was getting sick to my stomach. Once I saw the Doctor, they told me it could be my heart, I am type 2 diabetic, have hypertension and high cholesterol. When nothing was found with my heart, the ER Doctor became very short like I was wasting his time and was released. July 26 I was packing for a business trip and suddenly felt like someone hit me with a crowbar. I am 33 years old and have cried from a boo boo since I was 7, but I was weeping the pain was so bad. I could not even lift my head for a moment. The EMT was called and I was taken to the hospital. I was complaining about neck pain as well, so the EMT thought I had a ruptured disk and put me on a back board which just made the pain worse. By the time we got to the ER I was vomiting still on the back board and started to drown in my own vomit. Finally my wife saw me and screamed for the staff to turn me on my side. I was in agony pleading the nurses to take me off the back board which they refused to do. The lights were killing me. Finally the Doctor came in to evaluate. My wife told him the symptoms and he took me off the board him self and ordered a CT which came back negative. He was not convinced so he ordered a lumbar which was flowing with blood. I had emergency surgery and was clipped. Since then I have had to live with terrible headaches that pretty much leave me incapacitated.

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Comment from: Maddy110589, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

My case is kind of odd. I had an unruptured brain aneurysm when I was 18 in my senior year of high school. I was in the class right before lunch and I started getting a headache and I was losing my peripheral vision. It felt like if you would have stood up too fast and got a head rush but it was constant. I didn't think much of it and when I went to lunch I starting to lose my motor skills and I kept tripping up on my words. My friends didn't understand what was going on so they just laughed. Then I stated to forget names and couldn't match anything with a name. I did not know what anything was but I knew my relationship with them. I couldn't remember my friends' names or anything about them but I knew they were my friends. I started crying and panicking because I was so frustrated and they got the clue that it was something serious. I had one of them go and get a teacher and help carry me to the high school nurse because my legs and balance were very off. Luckily my friend was there because I did not know any of my teachers' names and I couldn't speak. Eventually my mother came to get me and all my symptoms subsided after a few hours. This happened about a year ago and it was one of the scariest moments of my life and I really hope it doesn't happen again.

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