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What kinds of treatments have been effective for your boils?

Comment from: acen, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 28

I got boils for first time, and it is inside in the tip of the nose.It is very painful and I asked the pharmacist for medicine over the counter. He gave me Benzocaine 20% ointment and seems to work for the pain at least a little bit. I can not use any of your advice, due to the the location of my boils.

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Published: October 13

For those of you suffering from recurring boils on your behind area, please go to a colorectal surgeon and ask about "fistula." A fistula could be the underlying cause of your boil, or "abscess." Even though you treat an abscess (by lancing it), it won't necessary solve the underlying problem if you have one (a fistula). Look it up online, and please ask a surgeon about it. There are various treatments for fistulas to prevent abscesses from recurring. Best of luck!

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Comment from: Patti O, 65-74 Female Published: October 06

I too have had several boils for past 10 yrs. They are mostly along my pantyline and under my arm. I have been to a dermatologist and he says could keep them away by staying on a low dose antibiotic forever!!! No thank you! Also could have surgery and cut out the cores! What I have found to be somewhat effective is using a infra-red light bulb. My husband fixed one on a device that I can plug in the wall and I lay on the bed ane point towards my groin and arm area. You must be faithful and do it morning and night for quite awhile. The infra-red bulb actually heats as far down into your skin as 3 inches and will eventually detroy the virus deep down. There are also infra-red saunas that can be purchased or even built where you sit in and get the toxins out of you body. A regular sauna does not get that deep down as does the infra-red. I also feel its the healthier way. I have gotten rid of several like this but unfortunately they can reappear if you don't keep doing the infra-red indefinitely. Hope this might help someone out there as I know what you are going through!!

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Comment from: healthybychoice, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I have the tendency to experience boils in the groin area and under my arms. I'm an active person, so I suspect the frequency can be associated with sweating and/or ingrown hairs. I use a hot compress every few hours to allow the boil to rise to a "head", before trying to drain it myself. If the boil persists, I'll visit my dermatologist. I have experienced boils that were so stubborn a doctor visit was necessary. I notice that if I drink more water and take vitamins regularly, the number of boil incidents are reduced.

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Comment from: northendpalace, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 16

I had a boil that I had lanced at the doctors office. It was in between my breast. It left a small spot and I was suppose to go and have it taken out in the hospital. I hate hospitals. 2 years later I got hit with a wave at the beach and it woke it up. In three days it was really sore and tender. By the 7th day I applied head as it was getting red and sore but no head. On the 12th day I took granulated garlic and water and made a paste, put it on the boil and covered it with a 3x3 non stick gauge pad. I could feel it working immediately. Within hours the pain was less and the boil was shrinking. I continued to apply the garlic mix 3 times that day. At night I covered it with neosporin and sleep really good for once. It had been so painful before I couldnt go another night! The next day I again put the garlic mix on and by the afternoon I could see a head starting to form. It seems that the garlic is good for drawing but it also is a natural antibiotic against bacteria and fungus so what better remedy. No side affects and no eating yogurt to replace the destroyed flora in the gut like antibiotics do. I will never go to the doctor again!!! Try it out, it really works well.

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Comment from: Hiddenposion, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 16

Here is my story about boils: I had my first boil lanced at age 16 and have been going through every procedure ever since. I am now 50-something and now they are so bad that I have them in several places at once: under an arm, under my breast, on the buttocks, the belly But the main area they have settled in is my inner thigh and the panty-line area, where I have four active heads that are all draining and very painful. I have seen doctor after doctor; I've been referred to a dermatologist who referred me to a plastic surgeon who states my boils are growing on a loop and recommends surgery to remove all the cores and let them totally drain. I continue to take antibiotics, use antibiotic soaps and creams. I have noticed that sodas or acidic or sugary foods and drinks will bring one on within 24 hours. The best draining agent I've found after the old home remedy of fat-off steak is the inside membrane of an eggshell and high-alkaline water , or a cabbage leaf with a hot compress on top - boy will that pull out the poison. Best luck to all, please share if any cure is found.

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