Bocavirus Infection (cont.)

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What is the prognosis of bocavirus infection?

The prognosis of patients with bocavirus detected is unclear because it is not known if bocavirus is responsible, alone or in part, for any disease or infection. However, when bocavirus strains are detected, they are frequently found associated (from about 45%-93% of patients tested by experienced investigators) with other viruses known to cause infections. The viruses that are identified in association with bocavirus are of several different types:

As research on bocavirus progresses, other types of associated viruses are likely to be found. The prognosis for patients with these viruses is usually good, especially if patients are seen and treated by a medical caregiver early in the infection. However, for a few patients who develop severe symptoms with these viral infections, the prognosis may range from fair to poor.

Can bocavirus infection be prevented?

Bocavirus strains have not yet been shown definitively to cause infection; prevention methods await development and are likely to be investigated if these viruses are shown to participate in causing infection. Currently, there is no vaccine in development for human use.

Medically reviewed by Margaret Walsh, MD; American Board of Pediatrics


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