Heart Failure and Biventricular Pacemakers

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How Do I Care for My Wound?

Keep the area where the pacemaker was inserted clean and dry. After about five days, you may take a shower. Look at your wound daily to make sure it is healing. Call your doctor if you notice:

  • Increased drainage or bleeding from the insertion site.
  • Increased opening of the incision.
  • Redness around the incision site.
  • Warmth along the incision.
  • Increased body temperature (fever or chills).

When Will I Be Able to Perform My Normal Activities After Getting the Pacemaker?

You may move your arm normally and do not have to restrict its motion during normal daily activities if you have a pacemaker. Avoid extreme pulling or lifting motions (such as placing your arm over your head without bending at the elbow). Activities such as golf, tennis, and swimming should be avoided for 6 weeks from when the pacemaker was implanted. Microwave ovens, electric blankets, and heating pads may be used. Cellular phones should be used on the side opposite your pacemaker. Ask your doctor or nurse for more specific information regarding what types of equipment may interfere with your pacemaker.

Pacemaker Identification: You will receive a temporary ID card that tells you what type of pacemaker and leads you have, the date of implant, and the doctor who implanted it. In about 3 months following implantation, you will receive a permanent card from the company. It is important that you CARRY THIS CARD AT ALL TIMES in case you need medical attention at another hospital.

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