Biventricular Pacemaker (cont.)

How Often Do I Need to Get my Pacemaker Checked?

A complete pacemaker check should be done 6 weeks after your pacemaker is implanted. This check is very important because adjustments will be made that can prolong the life of your pacemaker.

Further follow-up pacemaker checks are scheduled every 3 to 6 months.

Here is an outline of the pacemaker follow-up schedule:

  • Check before you are discharged from the hospital, the day after implantation
  • Telephone call 2 weeks after implantation to make sure the wound is healing and to ensure the transmitter is working
  • 6 week check
  • Pacemaker analysis every 3 to 6 months

How Long Will My Pacemaker Last?

Regular pacemakers usually last 4 to 8 years. Biventricular pacemakers that are combined with an ICD and do not tend to last as long (about 4 to 6 years).

How Will I Know If My Pacemaker Needs to Be Changed?

After getting a pacemaker, you will need to follow up with the doctor and nurses in a pacemaker clinic. This will allow them to monitor your pacemaker's function and anticipate when it will need to be changed. Some pacemakers give a beep that you can hear when the pacemaker is getting clost to needing to be replaced.

Resynchronization therapy is only one part of a comprehensive heart failure management program. Device and/or surgical therapy, when combined with taking medications, following a low-sodium diet, making lifestyle changes, and following up with a heart failure specialist, will help you decrease symptoms and live a more active life. Your doctor will help determine what treatment options are best for you.


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