Birthmarks and Other Skin Pigmentation Problems (cont.)

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Can skin damage during delivery produce a birthmark?

It is possible for birth trauma to produce sufficient damage to leave a scar. This scarring could be interpreted as a birthmark.

Is it possible to remove or fade birthmarks?

It is now possible to treat many kinds of both pigmented and vascular birthmarks. The approach depends on the type of tissue involved and the risks versus the benefits of treatment. The pediatrician is an excellent source of information as to potential treatment options.

Does insurance cover the cost of birthmark removal?

As with all such questions about insurance coverage, each company may be different. Most birthmarks that are small and not visually unpleasant are unlikely to require treatment and are rarely covered. Any birthmark that is likely to impair either the physical or mental health of the child is much more likely to be covered.

What is the treatment for birthmarks?

The treatment of birthmarks depends on the nature of the tissue involved. Medical treatment can hasten the resolution of certain kinds of vascular birthmarks. Generally, measures that destroy the involved cells of the birthmark are required for both pigmented or vascular birthmarks. Either scalpel surgery, lasers, and rarely radiation can be helpful.

What is the prognosis of birthmarks?

A few small pigmented birthmarks are quite common and do not need to be treated. This is also true for vascular birthmarks. Smaller hemangiomas will disappear spontaneously, leaving a small insignificant scar depending on the sites involved. Dermal melanosis eventually fades.

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