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Comment from: Ofrakin, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 15

I had a partial knee replacement in Oct 12. Two weeks later I am walking casually and my leg starts to stiffen to the point that it won't bend and feels as if it has 1000 psi. AT the emergency room (ER) my right leg can't even be touched and 4 shots of Dilaudid doesn't help. I spend a week on my back and leg elevated, no explanation is given. Twenty months later, July 14, I get same problem and off to the orthopedist's office and 44 ml of blood is aspirated from my knee. More could have been removed. X-ray shows normal and lump behind knee same as original symptom of Baker's cyst. I need as much help as possible.

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Comment from: Dennis, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: June 19

I thought I had a pulled muscle but when my leg got swollen and painful my nurse wife worried I might have a blood clot. I went to the emergency room as it was Sunday. They diagnosed a Baker's cyst that was beginning to resolve. I went to my primary doctor who confirmed that and said pain, etc., should subside over the week and my wife says swelling is down. I have limped and braved the pain which is only when I walk. My doctor prescribed an MRI/x-ray as he said a torn meniscus or arthritis often causes it. He sent me to an orthopedist who will review the results. I am thinking my treadmill use with 12% incline may have caused this as someone told me their therapist said using a high incline can irritate the knee. I feel lucky so far after reading some of the accounts written on this site.

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Comment from: GrannyC, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 10

A week ago I had sudden severe pain in my left calf that felt like someone had hit me very hard with a baseball. I could barely walk after that, and did see my physician that day. It felt like I had a severe cramp in my calf, which is what was diagnosed, and I was given Flexeril to try to relax the cramping. A few days later, still having difficulty walking, I noticed that my calf was swelling, and appeared to have bruising, with bruising going down my leg, around my ankle, and into the top inside portion of my foot. I then had a duplex ultrasound, checking for blood clots, which was normal. The bruising/swelling continued to get worse although I was at least walking a little better. My calf was very tender to touch and I started to have a popping feeling behind my left knee, with a sensitive spot on the left back side of the knee. Back to the doctor again yesterday and was finally diagnosed with a popliteal cyst, otherwise known as a Baker cyst, that had burst and the fluid from that cyst is what had caused the severe pain in my calf and the bruising down into my ankle/foot. I have had 4 children, left knee surgery, and a hysterectomy, and never have I had pain like I have had with this burst cyst. The doctor says it will heal over time, but that it will take some time.

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Comment from: immobile, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I am a very active 45 year old female. A week ago, I was entertaining an out of town guest and I began to have extreme pain and swelling in my right lower leg. I took oxycodone I had on hand for back pain and then when she left, I went to urgent care. Long story short, in a week, I have seen several doctors and had several tests, all to learn I have a Baker"s cyst. The pain is unbearable and I can barely walk or drive. My cyst is 7 inches long, extending down the back of my calf. It is too close to major arteries to drain and surgery is not an option according to two orthopedic surgeons, so I get to wrap, elevate and suffer. Not fun. Please tell me it will go away soon!

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Comment from: OmaB, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

I had an 8 cm Baker's cyst in my right knee that ruptured and oozed into my calf last December. It was by far the worst pain ever! I also had blood clots from the site and have been taking warfarin since. I had a total knee replacement (TKR) which would supposedly fix it in early March, but after recovering from it, I now feel like that cyst is back. Impossible? No fluid anymore? I don"t know, but that awful pain is back. Physiotherapy has been my salvation with the TKR and hopefully this will pass.

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Comment from: Nancy, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: May 09

A week ago I was wakened in the early morning by a very painful "jolt" that felt like a bad leg cramp. I swallowed a lot of tonic with quinine that helped a little but the pain continued. The next morning, via wheelchair, we saw our internist who ordered an ultrasound to rule out blood clots because my leg was quite swollen. The results showed a Baker cyst with a possible cramp that was not the cause. I have tried to stay off my leg, but not entirely. Doctors said to keep alternate cool and warm presses on my calf and back of knee where it is most sensitive. Discoloration has occurred between ankle and calf areas and is still sensitive. I take some Tylenol and try to keep my leg up, sometimes toes above my nose. I don"t like to be restricted so my patience is wearing thin.

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