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Question:What was the treatment for your bacterial vaginosis?

Comment from: cc, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 17

I have been battling bacterial vaginosis. I've been taking Golden Seal, which is a natural antibiotic. It seems to help. I've also been taking cider vinegar baths; they definitely help with the irritation. Echinacea is a natural herb that builds the immune system. I just started taking those. These things seem to help. It's only been three days, and I'm going to continue taking them.

Comment from: 52 BV, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 05

I am responding to the 41 year old that had BV and hysterectomy. I too have been faithful and have been married for 27 years but two years ago I got a BV and now two years later I got another BV. Why after 25 years of marriage am I getting these now? I am like you. Multiple sex partners do flash out at me and I do believe my husband is cheating on me but I just can't prove it.

Comment from: Female Published: September 29

I have been fighting bacterial vaginosis for the last 6 years and nothing has helped. I have tried all of the medicine, pills, creams, health remedies and nothing seems to work. It is very stressful and irritating. I haved tried not having sex, changing my diet and it still returns. I have exhausted all of my options. I am desperate for a cure!

Comment from: going crazy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 28

I started having bacterial vaginosis (BV) when I got the IUD for birth control. I got it removed, but now when I get a new sex partner, I get it. When I use the wrong kind of soap I get it. This is driving me crazy! I use this homeopathic stuff that I get from Walgreens for BV, but it only treats the symptoms until you get the real medicine. I am trying to figure out what I can do to balance my bacteria down there. It's only been two months since I got rid of the previous infection and now it's back. I have a really sensitive vagina.

Published: July 23

I was recently diagnosed with BV. At the time the doctors told me it was caused by stress, eating unhealthy, and abnormal sleeping patterns. I usually don't have sex, but recently got a new partner. Unfortunately, we didn't use protection, and after having sex one time symptoms occurred. About two weeks after I started realizing change in my discharge. I was scared I had an STD, I thought I was fortunate to only have BV. The doctors say it's curable, but from these comments I worry it will be reoccurring. I'm orally taking metronidazole. I've only been taking them for two days now. My symptoms were already clearing up before I started taking them, probably from abstinence. Now my only worry is having this for the rest of my life, with every new sexual partner I have.

Published: July 22

I have been suffering from BV for about a year now. 3 months into a new relationship is when I had the symptoms. I get BV almost EVERY single month. I have tried everything(using condoms, not using condoms, not douching, not even using tampons just pads, only wearing cotton panties, I don't get into pools or hot tubs). NOTHNG works. I have recently been told that your birth control could have something to do with it but have not yet switched (I currently take Ortho Sprintec so beware).

Published: June 30

I first developed bacterial vaginosis many years ago after meeting a new sexual partner. I was prescribed metronidazole, which always cleared up the BV but as long as I was still sexually active with my partner, it always returned. The relationship didn't work out and when I met someone new everything seemed fine, I had no problems. However, sadly, this relationship ended and as time passed I forgot about BV all together. I have now met a lovely man and things are going well though the BV returned when we commenced a physical relationship. If I abstained from sex at the first symptoms, the BV would clear up on its own, but this is not easy to do! I'm interested as to why BV will appear with some men but not with others and hope to find a permanent cure. I also wonder whether wearing an IUD device is contributing to the problem.

Published: June 26

I have had BV twice. Before I was first diagnosed I was aware that I had a discharge but I thought I had a yeast infection so I was using Monistat 7 and the symptoms came back. I've been in a committed relationship 2 years now and I didn't think I had an STD but just to be sure I went. The doctor examined me and without getting results back or anything he immdeiately said I'm going to prescribe u Flagyl. He said I had a minor case of BV. So I took these extremely chalky-nasty tasting pills for 2 weeks and it cleared up dramatically! I mean it was like I was an untouched teenager again. The discharge, the light smell. EVERYTHING WAS GONE! Now here it is 5 or 6 months later I have the symptoms again. Having sex unprotected sex with my fiancee I find to be one of the reasons. When the fluids mix, it could cause an imbalance in the vagina, and the research I have done so far says that all BV is a imbalance of good and bad bacteria. Since we already have good bacteria in our vagina already when we have sex unprotected it can disturb it. So as of right now...all I can do is continue to take the Flagyl medications.

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