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Question:What was the treatment for your bacterial vaginosis?

Comment from: Loochi, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 11

I have suffered from BV for two years. I first got BV when I got with my present partner. I went to the Doctors on and off, antibiotic after antibiotic. It only came back. I even purchased books that told me I would rid it forever. Not so. So I did some study myself. I found out that if not treated properly, or if the antibiotics didn't work or take their course, then the bacteria would travel further into the pelvic region. So, I went back to the doctors asking him if I could have pills for pelvic inflammatory disease. He was sure I didn't have this and was reluctant to give me the pills but after convincing him that even if I didn't have PID what harm could the pills do, he gave me a script. I went home and took two pills - I felt them working in my abdomen and voila!!! The smell, the pain and the discharge is now gone!!! I am finally cured. PID is very difficult to diagnose. I had all the symptoms of BV with irregular periods as well. So could it be that BV can travel into the upper abdomen, which in turn, turns into PID??? Anyway, I thought I'd share my story because finally after two years of suffering I now feel great and confident. My partner was also treated with the two pills as well.

Published: July 24

A couple of years ago, I had reoccurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis infections. It seemed like the treatment for one was causing the other. Then one day, the symptoms just stopped and I was fine, or maybe I just got used to the symptoms. In either case, I didn't have any unusual discharge, irritation, or odor for about two years. Then, about two months after having sex with my new boyfriend, I got what I thought was another yeast infection and I used an over the counter, one day treatment for yeast infections. I forgot which brand, but buyer beware: It made the symptoms unbearably worse. After this I went to my gynecologist and was treated for the yeast infection. I was on my period then so she couldn't tell if I also had bacterial vaginosis. About a week later, I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Then another yeast infection, and then bacterial vaginosis and more bacterial vaginosis. And now I can't remember the order, but suffice to say I was visiting my gynecologist every other week for a couple of months. She suggested my boyfriend also take Flagyl and that didn't work either. We even stopped having sex and that also didn't work. After a couple more diagnoses and treatments the bacterial vaginosis /yeast infection symptoms went away, and I was fine again for another couple of months, but now I am pretty sure I have bacterial vaginosis again. I've heard that ladies like me should stay away from: wet swimsuits, thongs, oral sex, vaginal sex, tampons, perfumed soaps, fabric softeners, tight pants, and the list goes on. I've tried avoiding these, and I still can't figure out the cause, but it is nice to know I'm not the only miserable one out there!

Published: July 23

I used to be very embarrassed talking about BV, until I read how common it is in some women. I have been suffering with BV for about 2 years. I was doing fine with it until I meet my husband. When my husband and I started dating I began it began to come back more frequently. The only thing that really worked for me was the Flagyl (pills), but it took me a while to get use to them because it made me vomit just thinking about taking them. I've used the gel about 2 times but I didn't feel confident that it was working, so I am back to the pills.

Published: July 22

I'm new to this site, but I'm also researching BV. As a teenager and young adult, I was diagnosed with yeast infections constantly. However, I don't think my OB/gyn did extensive testing; it could have been BV back then. I am now 42 years old; I've been married to the same man for 20 years. 2 years ago I had a hysterectomy and had no problems after that. Until May of this year I started bleeding for no reason - I mean just like a menstrual cycle. It was during the holiday weekend, so no doctor was in. My sister told me it could be a UTI, so she gave me a few antibiotics to use. After a couple of days, I still didn't feel well, so I visited my family doctor, who tested my urine; told me there was no sign of bacteria in the urine, but was still blood there. She told me to follow up with my ob/gyn. I visited her the first of July - was told it was BV. She prescribed me a 10 day supply of Flagyl. Symptoms still didn't disappear. On July 14, I visited again for my yearly pap - and was told the BV was still there. I just finished a 7 day round of cream which cost me $59.00. The cream burns when I use it and I have abdominal pain that I've never had before. Does anyone know if this will clear up after I stop using the cream? She also sent my urine for a culture - but I've not heard from that yet. There was no follow-up visit scheduled. How long should I wait before going back if symptoms still are there? I don't understand what caused it either. There has been no sex in my house for a year and half (due to menopause and husband's physical problems). Any comments would be appreciated.

Published: June 26

I have been fighting bacterial vaginosis off and on for the last four years and was on Flagyl everyday for the last trimester of my pregnancy because of it reoccurring! My OB/GYN recommended using Rephresh to help keep my pH at normal levels. (You can find it at all grocery and drug stores.) It's definitely helped!

Published: June 26

I have been fighting bacterial vaginosis off and on for the last four years and was on Flagyl everyday for the last trimester of my pregnancy because of it reoccurring! My OB/GYN recommended using Rephresh to help keep my pH at normal levels. (You can find it at all grocery and drug stores.) It's definitely helped!

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