Auditory Processing Disorder in Children Related Diseases & Conditions

Medical conditions are often related to other diseases and conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments related to the topic of Auditory Processing Disorder in Children. These conditions may be a cause or symptom of Auditory Processing Disorder in Children or be a condition for which you may be at increased risk.

  • Dyslexia Dyslexia affects a person's ability to spell, read, write, or even speak. It's considered the most common learning disability in...learn more »
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    Dyslexia Article
    • Dyslexia facts
    • What is dyslexia?
    • What causes dyslexia? What are the different types of dyslexia?
    • What are the signs and symptoms of dyslexia?
    • What do parents do if they see these signs and symptoms?
    • How is dyslexia diagnosed?
    • What type of treatment is available for dyslexia?
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (In Children and Adults) Autism in children and adults is a developmental disorder, characterized by impaired development in communication, social...learn more »
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    Autism Spectrum Disorder (In Children and Adults) Article
    • Autism facts
    • What is autism?
    • How does autism impact the family?
    • What are the different types of autism?
    • What are the symptoms and signs of autism in children and adults?
    • Impairment of social interaction and communication
    • Behaviors
    • What causes autism?
    • Is autism genetic?
    • Do vaccines play a role in autism?
    • How is autism diagnosed in children and adults?
    • How is autism treated in children and adults?
    • What common sociobehavioral interventions are used to treat autism?
    • What are the common medications used to treat the symptoms of autism?
    • Can diet and supplements play a role in the treatment of autism?
    • What is the prognosis for children and adults with autism?
    • For more information about autism in children and adults
  • Pervasive Development Disorders Pervasive development disorders (PPDs) are conditions involving developmental delays in children. There are five types of PDDs:...learn more »
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    Pervasive Development Disorders Article
    • Introduction to pervasive developmental disorders
    • What conditions are considered pervasive development disorders (PDDs)?
    • What are the symptoms of pervasive development disorders?
    • What causes pervasive development disorders?
    • How common are pervasive development disorders?
    • How are pervasive development disorders diagnosed?
    • How are pervasive development disorders treated?
    • What research is being done on pervasive development disorders?
    • What is the outlook for people with pervasive development disorders?
    • Can pervasive developmental disorders be prevented?
  • Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities can cause an individual to have trouble learning and using skills such as reading, listening, writing,...learn more »
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    Learning Disabilities Article
    • What are learning disabilities?
    • How common are learning disabilities?
    • What are the signs of a learning disability?
    • What about school and learning disabilities?
    • Tips for parents of children with learning disabilities
    • Tips for teachers of children with learning disabilities
    • Is there any treatment for learning disabilities?
    • What is the prognosis for learning disabilities?
    • What research is being done for learning disabilities?
    • For more information
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) FAQs Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are developmental disorders that do not appear to be linked to vaccines. More people than ever...learn more »
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    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) FAQs Article
    • Do vaccines cause autism spectrum disorders (ASDs)?
    • Is there an ASD epidemic?
    • Can adults be diagnosed with an ASD?
    • How many children with ASDs are being served through public special education programs?
    • Has the number of children being served under an ASD classification in public special education programs changed?
    • How do the rates of ASDs in special education compare with those of other special education categories?
    • What are mitochondrial diseases?
    • Is there a link between mitochondrial diseases and ASDs?


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