Can Soy Foods Block Synthroid Absorption?

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Can soy foods block the absorption of synthroid?

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Your question on soy and thyroid function is a very good one, and involved a bit of research! The effects of soy on thyroid function in the medical literature are variable, and depend on which species is being studied, and which component of soy is being given.

Soy consists of a number of different compounds. The most well publicized are those compounds with estrogen like activity (hence the use of soy in the treatment of hot flushes). These are called isoflavones. In addition, soy contains protein, and other compounds as well.

Studies have shown that in animals fed soy protein, there is a lower energy utilization and lower protein utilization compared to milk protein fed animals. Circulating thyroid hormone levels (T4) were lower following soy feeding. Remember, these animals were rodents, and they were fed soy as their only source of protein. In another animal study, rats fed soy isoflavones did not demonstrate goiter formation or increased sensitivity to conditions that may lead to low thyroid hormone iodine deficiency). Finally, in another animal study, rats fed soy had lower activity of an enzyme implicated in goiter. This enzyme is known as TPO- which is responsible for making thyroid hormone.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 6/19/2017

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