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Question:What were the signs and symptoms you experienced with appendicitis?

Published: July 18

I used to have mild pain on the right side and a feeling of liquid flowing adjacent to my naval now and then for the past 12 years and used to get severe headache pursuing for hours. When ever I take antibiotics the system will be alright for a few days and once again heavy feeling in the stomach and headache will come especially when spicy food is taken. I consulted doctors with views as amebioses, indigestion and inability to digest. Now my doctor says it may be appendicitis and asked me to take antibiotics but ruled out any surgery.

Published: July 15

26 year old female - I woke up at Sunday night at 11 with stomach pains and diarrhea. I went to the ER at 7:30 Monday morning, was given morphine and told it was gastroenteritis and sent home. Still didn't feel better on Wednesday, so I made an appointment with my regular doctor for Thursday. Went in on Thursday and she told me I had appendicitis and needed to be operated on immediately. The surgeon told me after the surgery that my appendix was perforated and dead and that all that was left in my appendix was air. Spent 3.5 days in the hospital, a week at home recouping and am now back to work half days for the next week before going back full time. Not fun.

Published: July 10

I was 5 months pregnant when I was hit in the stomach by my nephew, I thought I was fine, but then the next day I had this horrible pain in my stomach. I went to the hospital and they told me that it wasn't labor pains, and they "don't do regular pain" so they sent me home. This went on for the rest of my pregnancy. After I gave birth I couldn't stand or walk for any real length of time. Then I started vomiting and I had this horrible pain in my stomach, about three months later, we went to the E.R. and they said it was food poisoning, gave me a bunch of morphine and sent me home. My appendix burst the next morning at home at around 10:30 am and I went back to the E.R. From there they left me in the waiting room for 2 hours, a hallway for 3 hours, and I was finally put into surgery at 8:00pm. I had periostitis and was in the hospital for a week. It was the worst experience of my life and even a year later, after months of doctor visits and physical therapy to help me recover from the surgeons shoddy work, I still have pain today.

Published: July 08

I starting having severe stomach cramping on a Monday morning and was out of town. By the time the 3 hour airplane ride commenced, I was on the floor in the back galley writhing in pain and very nauseous. I couldn't stand anything on my stomach. I drove myself to the emergency room, was given a CAT scan and then admitted to the hospital about midnight and had surgery at 6 AM. It had not ruptured but I was told it was "nasty" and gangrenous. Mine had to be surgically removed and the laparoscopy was not an option. The pain was not too bad but the anti-biotics and the hydrocodone they gave almost wiped me out. Couldn't eat anything and water tastes like metal. I took my last pill this morning and feel like a human being.

Published: July 08

My husband had groin pain that came and went over a period of a couple of days. He thought he pulled his groin muscle. Finally, pain was so bad he went to ER. Ruptured appendix. He was in the hospital 17 days. ICU 3 days. 9 days after his appendix was removed, he went back for a second surgery. They ended up removing 6 inches of his bowels and some abscesses. He NEVER once suspected it was his appendix causing his groin pain.

Published: June 30

I lost my appetite. I thought it was normal fever, but its so pain at my right abdomen. I went to clinic 2 times, but the doctor said nothing. Especially at night, I couldn't sleep for a week. My stomach seems like have something sharp in there. Then, my father took me to the hospital. The doctor said I had appendicular abscess. I had been given antibiotic and after 2 days, I had to undergo surgery.

Published: June 30

I have had a severe case of appendicitis recently. My advice is not to wait for the classical symptoms like vomiting, loose motions, etc. Just go get an ultra sound done on doctor's advice if you feel pain in your lower abdomen. Especially this day and age with your career demands and travelling, you may never know when it might become serious. I was planning to travel at 5 pm the day I had my operation. I had minor pain around 1 pm, and on doctor's advice got ultrasound done. By 4 pm, I was rushed to the operation theater. It was a case of severe appendicitis though I didn't show any sign but minor discomfort.

Published: June 24

I found out I was pregnant and was so happy. About 2 weeks later I started having a horrible stomach ache. The pain was never located in one spot my whole stomach ached very badly. I went to the ER because the pain kept getting worse. The doctors ran blood tests and urine tests. I also had an Ultrasound. Everything came back normal so then I was released from the hospital and told to make an appointment with my OB. I went to the OB several days later and they told me it was just normal pregnancy pains and that I could take Tylenol for the pain. That of course didn't work very well. A few days later as I was getting ready to go to bed I had a stabbing pain in the middle of my stomach that was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out. My husband rushed my back to the ER. There I was put in on Morphine and admitted to the hospital. They ran even more test and nothing came back abnormal. They believed that I had ovarian cysts and after 2 days decided to do surgery. After opening me they found abscesses in my abdomen so a specialist had to be called in to finish the surgery. I was in surgery for about 3 hours. When I came out I was in ICU for 3 days. After that I was moved to a normal room. I was having a lot of trouble getting my appetite back and was having fevers of 102 very frequently. About a week after my surgery they decided to do a CT scan to see if there was anything they missed. There was a massive amount of infection all over my abdomen and they had to do another surgery to clean it out because I was becoming sepsis and getting very sick. It has been 4 weeks since my last surgery and I am just getting back to normal. It was not a very nice experience and I hope that no one ever has to go through it.

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