Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms and Stages (cont.)

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Stage 2: Very mild cognitive decline

Stage 2 of early Global Deterioration Scale of Alzheimer's disease is termed "very mild cognitive decline." The signs and symptoms of the first stage of Alzheimer's disease are:

  • Mild memory loss
  • Forgetting names of known individuals
  • minor problems with concentration

Usually, these patients can function socially and at work (mild Alzheimer's disease).

Stage 3: Mild cognitive decline

Deterioration Scale stage 3 of Alzheimer's disease termed "mild cognitive decline," is characterized by worsening of the first and second Global Deterioration Scale stage symptoms and also can include:

  • Forgetting new information
  • Declining work performance
  • Difficulty with making future plans
  • Becoming less able to organize
  • Repeating questions

Family members and co-workers may begin to notice these changes, but many people remain undiagnosed at this stage (mild Alzheimer's disease).

Stage 4: Moderate cognitive decline

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Stage 4 of the Global Deterioration Scale of Alzheimer's disease termed "moderate decline," like the third stage, involves worsening of the conditions seen in previous stages. For example, memory loss and memory deficits become more prominent and difficulties with complex actions become more obvious. Other examples of symptoms of the fourth stage of Alzheimer's disease include:

  • Difficulties with complex actions (for example, balancing the checkbook)
  • Cannot plan ahead easily
  • Mood changes and/or mood swings
  • May become depressed
  • May become withdrawn from social contacts
  • May shun challenging situations (for example, family money matters)

Since the above problems become prominent and mood swings are usually out of character for the individual, this is the stage when most of the people have theirs doctors diagnose them with Alzheimer's disease (moderate Alzheimer's disease).

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